Will my order ship discreetly?

Yes! All orders ship in simple, nondescript mailers. The return sender will say "Wellington Custom Apparel." 

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes! We ship globally, pending country-specific customs restrictions. For orders delivering to countries other than the United States, please note that your order will have a customs label on the outside. We make every attempt to be as discreet as possible on our customs disclosure forms. 

What are your butt plugs made from?

Our metal butt plugs are made from an easily-cleaned, nickel-free, plated aluminum alloy. The design is sublimated and sealed into a glass dome. 

How should I clean my butt plug?

You can clean your butt plug with toy cleaner or hot water and antibacterial soap. Use care around the glass dome that covers the design. You should clean your toy before and after use.